Thursday, March 16, 2006

Great blogs but...

I've done a quick check on everybody's blogs and am quite pleased to see COMPLETED WORK from San Chye, Richard, Kwai Yin, Joseph, Sherwin, Marvin and Shoo Soon. Do have a read around.

My own observation is that using blogs has allowed for self-expression (see Marv's and Richard's:)) but they don't really allow for discussions where there can be a robust exchange of ideas. Altho' blogs do have a Comment facility, this is limited to 'hi & bye' kind of comments, not deep discussions. So the learning point is that blogs are great for writing for self whereas online discussion forums are more 'social constructivist-ic', hence, suited for writing for group and coming up with new knowledge/wisdom.

Monday, February 27, 2006

Blogger of the Week & Other Tidbits

Dear All,
I know the deadline is tomorrow but already, there are among us, some who blog as easily as breathe:)

Blogger of the Week is

RICHARD! And he did so even when his baby is feverish from the DPT vaccination...

For learning blogs & other tidbits just go to the links for Marvin, Kwai Yin, Richard and Swee Kin:)

Monday, February 20, 2006

Reflection 3 & 4 (due 28/2): SEED & SAIL

If anyone has 'insider' info/resources on these 2 initiatives, please share with the rest. The CPDD website has the SAIL ppt. used during their sharing with us at Level 24 one-two years' ago.

Reflection 2 (due 28/2): NIE paper

The paper will be given to you asap. A suggested reflection point could be how one course/programme you're familiar with can be made more engaging, using the ideas from the paper.

Reflection 1 (due 28/2): David Hung's talk

Blog your reflections on what you have learnt about learning theories from the Induction programme, David's 27/1 talk and other sources. Try to frame your thoughts within the context of engaged learning using IT.